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You are at the right place because we are crazy about these dogs. Why that so? Shih Tzu is such an adorable creature on planet that we got interested in finding how cute and sweet this creature’s baby will be when combined with any other popular breed. So in search of our love, we found more than 50 mix breeds of Shih Tzu and each of them is more than all in respect of their cute appearance, personality, temperament, and good health.

By reading articles dedicated to these breeds, you will get confused about which pup to adopt. We have also solved this problem for you by writing so many articles on which breeds are best in temperament, best to adapt living conditions, which are easy to train, are hypoallergic, temperature tolerant and much more. If you are confused on appearance you want to have in your pup, then we also have articles on combined appearance characters like long length coat combined with flat face and round eyes.

The story is not over yet; we have also solved your every problem after you have a pup. We have articles on how you should train your dog and which trainings you must do in early days of pup. We also assist you in your every purchase related to your doggy from food to crate suitable to every pet, from medicine to bathing liquid according to health and different skin types, from comb to toys and many more.

So stay tuned to explore all this exciting stuff with us!

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