ShiChi Full Grown

Crossbreed lovers often ask that how will full grown ShiChi be. Believe me, they are small doggies irrespective of how old they are. Feeling Excited? Let’s explore in this article.

Weight and Height of Full Grown ShiChi:

Weight: ShiChi can weigh up to 3-12 pounds.

Height: ShiChi can stand tall up to 9-12 inches.

The variation in weight and height of ShiChi is because this is a crossbreed. Also, it emerged in recent years in the United States. Appearances will take time to stabilize.

Other Appearance Characteristics of ShiChi:

ShiChi may have the following possible appearances:

HeadRound with size as per body.
EarsPop-up or hanging.
NoseBlack or Isabella, short nose.
EyesAlmond shaped, brown or black.
CoatSilky soft, single short or double with sometimes slightly wavy upper coat.
Coat ColorBlack, white, brown, cream, gold, brindle, tan, fawn, blondish or any mix or combination of these.

Must-Dos Before ShiChi is Full Grown:

All dogs need training before they all full grown. So does ShiChi. It is because they do not develop any false behavior. These training include crate training, house training, toilet training, socialization training and many more. They are quick learners with a short attention span. So make sure to make the training sessions interesting. Never be harsh and use praise and positive reinforcement for this purpose.

Also, keep in mind that ShiChis are challenging to train. You can enroll them in dog training classes for this purpose.

Food and Activity Requirements of Full Grown ShiChi:

They are small dogs. Need only 20 minutes of activity each day on average. This is enough to keep their mind and body sound. To support their activity, they need to eat 30 calories per pound of body weight every day. Wet food and dry food in a good combination is suitable food for ShiChis.

Lifespan of ShiChi:

12-15 years is the average lifespan of ShiChi. Take care of their good health for longer life.

Annual Cost of ShiChi:

Food Cost: 240-300 dollars.

Training, Grooming & Health Insurance: 500-800 dollars.

My Final Thoughts:

Do you want to have a short dog that always remains short? Yes? ShiChi is the best choice for you. They will be short even when fully grown. Need to know more about ShiChi? Read here!

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