Dry Kibble – The Best Food for Toy Breed Dogs and Their Mix Breeds

Welcome to the complete story of Kibble. It includes how it’s invention and manufacturing. Also, the benefits that you may associate with feeding your dog with Dry Kibble. And most importantly what precautions you must take before purchasing a pack for your companion dog.

First Have a Look at What the Dry Kibble Is?

The best recommended and conveniently processed dog food of all times for all Toy Dog Breeds and their Mix Breeds is Dry Kibble. Its vast popularity is based on its benefits matched exactly with feeding requirements of these small companion dogs. Toy Breed dogs are so small in size that they do not require much to eat. Irrespective of how high their activity level and metabolism is. They are most prone to dental diseases. Therefore wet and sticky food is not even an option for most of them. With that overeating can make them obese which is bad for their overall health. So the only choice you have for your companion to eat is the Dry Kibble.

But make sure to buy the perfect brand out of many to have a healthy pet throughout life.

In early age of your puppy full of nutrients Dry Kibble will build up strong muscles and bones. Also, boosts growth. It supports adults’ immune system while controls the senior dog’s weight with low activity level.

How much a dog needs to eat with what frequency is different for each breed. See that in the detailed article dedicated to each breed on our website.

When and How Dry Kibble Was Invented:

From ancient days dogs were domesticated and fed on meat scraps and bones given by humans. 1860 was the revolutionary year because first commercial pet food the dog biscuit was created, containing wheat, meat, and vegetables. Until World War One pet food industry was well established and Kibble and Canned Food were introduced. 1950s was the decade we found Dry Kibble of nowadays; boiled meat, fats, vitamins, and minerals were combined through extrusion to create Kibble. Now it is manufactured in huge industries to facilitate dog owners of the whole world.

How Is Dry Kibble Made?

Convenient dog food is not easy to manufacture and involves various steps. First step is the Raw Material Assembly. It indicates that all the raw materials are gathered and stored including meat, grains, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

info-graphics: Dry kibble ingredients

Second step is Grinding of Raw Material. It is done through a commercial hammer mill to attain the perfect size of all the components. Then comes the Mixing of Ingredients at an appropriate ratio in large blenders. Following comes the Extrusion to combine the dry and liquid ingredients and to knead and slice in proper shape. Fifth step is Drying and Cooling of Kibble pieces and must be closely regulated. Enrobing is the final step, adding the outer layer to Kibble components to enhance its taste. Now Dry Kibble is ready to pack and ship to distributors and pet supplies stores near you.

Why Dry Kibble Not Canned Food?

Is canned food really so bad? No, it must have some good points like Dry Kibble, the choice is all yours but choose wisely. Canned food has a short shelf life in comparison to Dry Kibble. Because preservatives are less in them. Also, they have more protein and fat which can be good for large dog breeds. But here Toy Dog Breeds and their Mix Breeds is our primary concern who don’t need much fats. Canned Food costs more per pound than Kibble and is also difficult to carry and store.

Benefits of Feeding Your Doggy with Dry Kibble:

Dogs face dental issues just like us when fed with sugary and cheap food. Tooth decay and gum infection are very common. Prevented them by the intake of rich in protein dry food. That is the perfect balance of essential minerals for stronger teeth. Small dogs are prone to obesity due to their love of eating. Kibble helps to keep a balanced weight throughout their life.

Dry Kibble is easy to store for a long period without facing spoilage or bacterial buildup. It is widely available and easy to feed. You have many brands to choose from based on your budget, nutritional needs and health requirements throughout the life of your companion doggy. You can feed your pooch simply without creating any mess around. Kibble is also easy to carry while you travel with your companion pooch.

Potential Drawbacks of Dry Kibble:

Choosing the best Kibble for your doggy is always a challenge. Keep in mind that food with long shelf life must include preservatives. Beware of brands that use artificial preservatives bad for health. There is no regulatory authority for dog food industry in a true sense. So all the responsibility is upon you. Many brands compromise on nutritional value for their profits. Most importantly be careful of food containing questionable animal parts and chemicals.

Read the following section and learn how you can get rid of the potential drawbacks of Dry Kibble.

What to Look On a Food Label?

First five ingredients on the food label tell you the complete story. So have a look at them wisely to help your purchase decision. A quality Dry Kibble will enlist at top places sources of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates with their calorie intake per gram or per cup. Source of carbohydrates should be brown rice or lentils, vitamins come from fruits and vegetables which also provide antioxidants to support the immune system in dogs and protein source is meat.

Beware of healthy looking packaging with low quality food within, choose wisely.

Must Avoid Ingredients in Dry Dog Food:

Many brands provide dry dog food at a low price. But it will cost you more in terms of bad health. These packs contain corn and soy that counts on calorie intake without nutrition and causes allergies too. Also, avoid food that lists potatoes and peas in the first three places at the ingredient chart. Their heavy intake can be the cause of enlarging heart. Many brands are offering food ingredients from a single protein source. That is easy to digest and low in price. But you will end up spending more to vet visits after some time.

So now you know much about Dry Kibble. So look at various available products in the next section with one or more best benefit in them. Remember to choose according to your dog’s requirement.

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